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Western Chikan Consensual Rubbing On Train

second Newsletter

Dear readers,
it is now mid January and my second newsletter is available at:
as a point or focus to "the land, culture, politics and religion" (default EKiR) are certainly flowing but also other aspects.

The period since the last newsletter was beyond doubt by the end of the "adjustment period" embossed and suddenly began life on "normal" to be in Argentina. The Greater Buenos Aires is more familiar and also the contact with Argentines in the Arts expands on and on, which certainly is also related to the noticeable improvement of language, Castellanos, combined.
A bit of this phase was interrupted by the holidays and visiting my parents and sister, so I have part of my holiday already behind me.
At first I want away from the experience of Advent and Christmas time, 12000 km, report that could not be more different. An important contribution to this "culturclash" certainly provides the climate continuously for 30 - 35 degrees Celsius and high humidity.
At these temperatures, understandably, was not right "typical" Christmas spirit on and off a bit of Christmas advertising was, strangely enough, "exploited" by the Argentine economy and the little Christmas. There was little of both Christmas music and jewelry and I missed the Christmas markets a bit.
Despite this first report, however, the negative-sounding "Noche buena" a resounding success and an enriching experience: together with my German "Real" family, we celebrated a typical Argentinian Christmas in the house of my host parents. They had invited their relatives and there was a big party with about 30 people. It all started with a church service in the evening in the German municipality of Quilmes, who surprisingly started with the German song "Oh Minors. Finally came a "asado" (barbecue) at around 22.00 clock, and gifts were distributed only at 24.00 Clock with fireworks. As usual, but everything still ran late into the night, with the smaller children at 03.00 am thinking not to sleep and there was a very lively atmosphere. So we have seen a Christmas which is certainly not happen so once again ...

I am also very glad to have experienced both in the subsequent holiday with my family as well as Argentina with a friend, much of the country and the culture. The extremely diverse nature of Argentina has impressed me every time and again: Whether glaciers in the far south of Patagonia, penguins on the "Peninsula Valdes" or the stunning waterfalls of Iguazu Everything impressed because of their superlative and unmatched beauty! A glimpse perhaps clarify the following stories: During a "mini-trek" including Ice Spikes at the world famous Moreno Glacier, our guide asked us several times, the water that seeped in small rivulets flowing in and out of crevasses incredibly intense blue tones to drink. It was the best drinking water, which would also be used commercially!
A completely different experience then we went into Punta Tombo "near the" Peninsula Valdes, "where there was a penguin colony, with an estimated 500,000 animals. There was nothing especially when suddenly crossed a penguin family, one of the paths. According to park ranger was the fault of the Penguins, however minimal, as long as you do not get too close to their breeding and would remain on the trails.
a direct insight into the Argentine culture, I've also got to travel with a fellow Argentine middle class: Although (or perhaps because) it was all highly spontaneously (this is of course required some getting used to my hand), has yet everything geradeso folded and I have a beautiful journey with many new contacts behind me. Again, there were some oddities such as the village of Villa General Belgrano ". Here, since the beginning of the 20th Century, many German settled and tried their "culture" to maintain. Thus the "typical German" village appears from my point of view rather than a parody the Bavarian culture, including German beer, brass bands and houses, which could also be in a mountain village in the Alps. Besides the leisure and working time in the last week was a week-long seminar between Missiones added in the province, near the waterfalls of Iguazu, on the experiences. The seminar was discussed in small groups the first six months and compared to both problems and successes with experience of other volunteers. Despite many parallels have been noted at the seminar, how different are the experiences, requirements and circumstances of various volunteers and the importance of accurate analysis of the project is in advance!

On my return to work with the cartoneros the Villa I will then have to find out that the said Argentina with all the natural wonders, unfortunately, only a small part of Argentina and mainly accessible to tourists. A trip to the waterfalls of Iguazu costs even in the best Buskategorie 680 pesos, which would be around for a Cartonero 1700 kg 453.3 kg carton or plastic bottle ...
One of my opinion, very useful approach, the Argentine state provides at least with a graduation for entry into National Parks. Locals can often enter free, while tourists have to pay up to 100 pesos. With these advantages after all, the middle class the chance to travel to Argentina in part.

Another point on which I was very frightened, are the protests and demonstrations occur frequently at this time. One explanation for the numerous roads / highway barriers with burning tires, etc. are the upcoming elections in the 2nd Half. There are rumors that a presidential candidate can destabilize deliberately to weaken the current popularity of President Cristina Kirchner and straight in the time when many tourists are in town, wants to look bad. I'm curious to see how this develops, because I've been stopped already relatively common due to blocked roads and traffic jams.

summary, it's me that is still very good and I look forward to the second half of my "volunteer peace service".

yours, your
Niklas Hempelmann


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