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How To Stitch Anarkali Dress

HALF TIME - and again, a parade and pantyhose less

funny because of travel ... After a Hurrah! already a Six months have felt like at first I was feeling, but that should then pass quickly.
On Wednesday evening we set off to the airport hotel and have met there with all the athletes of the cross-country, ski jumping and Nordic combined, and their leaders. Thursday morning we went wrong with the bus to Örnsköldsvik. The bus ride took around 12 hours, but it was not boring, there is indeed funny travel companion and a DVD player on the bus, where I found the film about the really not very good life of Matti Nykänen rather ambiguous, maybe he was even had he acted in any case very little of the ski jumping, drinking more of. In the room I was then with Lydia, a coach of a sports school. Friday was to me almost word for word free day, since the work began for Per and me until lunchtime meeting with the jury, who was in Per Member, and the team meeting.
So it goes in a guard shack to - our ears! :

Community waxes: Björnar and Öyvind
But it was not just teams from Norway, Sweden and Finland (the competition was, after all Junior Nordic country race), but also represented in the USA. The Sprint in the long run should not begin before the late afternoon, so that Per and I could still turn a lap in the 5km route. During the sprint, I then fired first, and Ersatzskistöcke kept ready. In the evening I then showed a good appetite, but unfortunately did not stay inside the food. Totally unexpectedly, I woke at night with a feeling of nausea and had to cancel. By Saturday noon then four times, where everyone can imagine that the last time, then mainly consisted of delicious stomach acid - this is fun! But I was glad I was not alone at night, but Lydia was still in the room and me some advice. That's
was of course with the Junior Nordisk Kamp country for me. And I wanted so much to sometimes see the sea from Örnsköldsvik, well, so I had to make do with the view from the hotel room and force me to eat and drink. Crisp bread and rice cakes are not the most exciting yes, but more intolerant of the ventricle not. I lay prostrate all day Saturday and Sunday lunch, we went back to the bus home. The only full-bodied film of the day was a "Stalingrad", the others were part of such a nonsense that my stomach again reminded him that the bus ride is not particularly liked. This was then, fortunately, rather than thinking in Gardermoen ended and I was "already" to a home. The stomach was therefore not very happy because, apart from some crispbread, he was completely empty and hurt accordingly. So I had the next day, then eat normally the project to address.

very clear: There is a moose approaching from the left!

Fortunately, it happened to me last Wednesday then again so well that I could ride at noon in the Youth Harald homes in Oslo Midtermseminar. There, I then of course all the volunteers from the arrival Seminar Selbu met again, I was particularly pleased to Zsófi Annija from Hungary and I, although Annija lives in Oslo, had not seen. In addition, many other volunteers from the other two seminars Öystese arrival and Mandal were there. Overall, we were well to the 70 volunteers. After greeting and checking in (I was three-Selbu people in the room: Zsófi, Victoria and Sina), we have made out a few games, which were then continued at dawn inside. Of course we have our game back of the Games, "Ligretto" played ...
My Norway volunteer female

security control in Stortinget
in the old Oberhaussal

today's plenary

After a lot short, at least not much sleep all night, in which put my adrenaline to prove that he is still in panic or rush, if you do not sleep, work - I was with the group 2 (we were divided into two groups) in Oslo on the road. Fortunately, I was quite awake, it was a beautiful day. First we headed to the Storting, which is the Norwegian Parliament. We entered through the entrance on the Akersgata by the modern, somewhat ugly part, but the old part, both externally and internally beautiful. There used to be in the Storting, as in the UK an upper and lower house. That there are but a few years no more, so the hall of the House is now a kind Festlichkeitssal if laws are completed and the king is present. The hall of the House has become the Chamber, in which all sorts of political things are handled. We were allowed inside briefly in a meeting at the but - as in the German Bundestag - very few were present. Perhaps understandable when the topic turns to dental fillings ... Then we were in a party room, quite spartan. Then we went into the red town hall, a very ugly box, but if you look at not only the entrance hall, but the upper rooms look, he is equally beautiful, for example, there is also a wedding hall with an original painting by Munch. In addition, many modern paintings, in which a theme often happens, and this is of course the occupation of Norway, the Germans. Lunch there was at Peppe's Pizza, it said "All you can eat", I took to heart the and ate about five to six slice of pizza, ham, salami and vegetarian. Very tasty! And the best part was - I was tired of me was not bad and everything in it was!
one of many German Details at City Hall

stave church from Gol

Next went to Norwegian People's Museum - an absolute must for any Oslo-Norway and visit! There is for example the original stave church from Gol in Hallingdal (Gol now have a copy) and I tell you, it's pitch-dark inside, no windows! On our visit to the stave church in Heddal nearly eight years ago I can not remember exactly, but because it will have been probably similar. There were also some old farm houses with and without window and see a Norwegian sauna from the 16 Century. Mathew from Wales and I found out the road that we both took a Celtic language, I at least a little. Mathew grew up with Welsh as their mother tongue, English he learned in kindergarten, and from TV and newspaper. Drum then said "Penaos ema ñ accounts?" on well-Breton. - Who finds out what it means in German, get a piece of Rocher ... :)
Then we had four hours off (group 1 should be the next day only two hours), where I was from Anna from Poland and Oslo Zsófi mainly dragged into all the shoe shops, we realized that the two in Narvik and Mandal live where it is not just sooo much. And you know, now that shoes and try on my completely non-specialty! Speaking of shoes, on the day it had snowed a lot in Oslo, but the snow turned to sleet and gradually on the roads and footpaths swam the mud, so that all the impregnation vain. Granted, this was only a few weeks ago for my boots that they were impregnated, but too bad I did not expect it, because my feet were swimming in the boots then, as with many others. Evening, then met for dinner all the southeast in the upscale restaurant, so noble, that in the very handy many servings were not enough, but for me it was served after the copious lunch.

warm-up games: It's clear here is shown a toaster!
critical eye of Carlos "Reinhold Messner" Bayo
was announced after a good night's sleep for us in the Group 2 of Innentag. We have shown for example with the Forum Theatre method problems by volunteers and then all attempts to solve together. It was also talked about the youth pass, that one gets handed out at the end of each voluntary service. There were also employees of the National Agency BUFDIR present, with whom one could talk about problems in the project. I did not need speech, because with me since the move so everything is fine. That is why I was drawn on Friday night then again at home Solemskogen. The

Weekend, I did not spend in Beitostölen at Norges Cup, but with my host mother Marit, host sister Karianne and Meredith (a Swiss woman who had spent a year at my current host family and now cooperates as a volunteer for a few weeks at the World Cup) in at Hamar Marit mother, 78 years old. It was not so good, why Karianne was down on Friday. However, when we were there, seemed Kari (the grandmother), but again quite fit, which made at least their fluency imagine: without commas or periods, including permanent change of topic, but it is a very nice lady. Saturday night was held on Norwegian television, the decision to the Grand Prix, Norway who should represent it. All contributions were not the force (if one ever looks at the already ...), but the really tone-deaf, not to say worst, then raced. "Haba Haba" he is, he was off the point so that the song was more spoken than sung, and then fitted with a still very unimaginative text. On Sunday I
have done something that I have not done that for a long time, namely to sleep at 12 ... Was perhaps a bit too long, judging from my slight headache. Although there were more than 20 degrees below zero, I went to Marit out for a walk with wonderful sunshine. I also was allowed to drive with the Huskies, who in Hamar on the often non-scattered streets is used as a popular Fortbewegunsgmittel. That was fun! But you can also quickly its limits when the cold air is in the lungs hurt.

Today I begin my first full week since the office a long time. I was supposed to work only until Wednesday and on Thursday to fly to Trondheim Hovedlandsrennet (mainland race), place in the juniors aged 14-16 years, their skill at cross-country skis have to prove. Tell me but said that we were abgeordert Vidar Löfshus (the athletic director of the National Men's team) for the World Cup in Drammen. There we will explode on Saturday, the secondary Distanserennen. In the sprint on Sunday, however this is not needed.

Up soon with new news,
your Findus (my newest nickname for one of my many sponsors on the down jacket)

Kay (originally from the Old Castle), me and Sophie from Carinthia


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